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Market Intelligence Market research is a one stop tool when you need to find out anything about a stock or industry.

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Questrade makes this process easy. Auto Binary Signals requires no setup and is completely web based and compatible with all digital devices.

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Qtrade is an independent discount brokerage which has done extremely well in the annual Globe and Mail brokerage rankings. After calling them a number of times, I can see one of the reasons. They are super quick to answer the.

Indeed, this isn't a traditional MLB baseball game with all of the pro teams and all-stars that fans love, but rather a goofier experience. With made-up squads characterised more by how they play than how big their payrolls are, as well as fictional players with some, er, less than traditional names, the game dishes out fun by the bucketload. In fact, it harkens back to older sports titles; this is all about fast, fun sessions. That's not to say that it completely overlooks the technical aspects of the sport, however — and it arguably has a more intuitive control scheme than its counterparts.

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Navigation is easy when it comes to buying and selling for both stocks and options, with just a couple of taps. Such features are often more than enough for the average investor. Things like transferring funds, excising an option or viewing a statement are only a few clicks away Furthermore, users can also transfer money between Questrade accounts, as well as exchange funds.

Finally, functionalities such as multiple order types, studies and drawings, and super-fast trade executions are also available. The mobile platform is built for the phone and other handheld mobile devices, and that is where its use ends. Malleability There is obviously limited real-estate on a mobile screen. Not many options when it comes to customizing the app. FX Global is Questrades web-based platform that allows you to do so.

Trade currency or energy futures at the click of a button. This is a platform that a speculator would thrive in. Push notifications can be set up to go directly to your mobile device and there is more than enough technical analysis and research tools within the platform to keep even the most advanced trader happy.

FX Global is somewhat like a Las Vegas casino. But you get my point. However, most of these complaints are old. There was indeed a time when Questrade struggled mightily on the customer service side.

But they did what they do best and listened to their customers. In the time since most of the negative reviews, Questrade has evolved and improved its customer service by leaps and bounds. Questrade has done whatever possible to provide users with a great experience. Also, with a great FAQ section and an intuitive interface, Questrade customers hardly need to call their service reps, unless of course you are dealing with a locked account because of mistyping the login credentials more than once.

Another great source to look for more information is the Questrade forums, this is where other confused users post their questions and share knowledge. Are Questrade representatives easy to get a hold of? Still, we would want to take an objective approach and evaluate their services. Almost everyone on this planet will agree that when it comes to customer service, speed, adeptness of staff, and politeness are of critical importance.

You can choose two options to communicate with Questrade customer service, either live chat or phone. With live chat, the wait times are almost non-existent. And the best part about it? No looking for the customer service section or scrambling to find an e-mail. It just sits in the bottom corner of your browser. Moreover, the option provides the benefit of not having to dial numbers.

Just click to open the chat window and type your question. Phone call waiting times with Questrade will definitely be longer, but not by a large margin. Questrade customer service reps are also very well-trained, which translates to a polite and friendly user experience, along with ability to answer compilated questions. In fact, the customer service is so good that most users will believe that they are getting privileged treatment.

Like any other sector with fierce rivalry, it is not enough to just get the job done. A company that goes above and beyond the call of duty is appreciated and respected. Ultimately, it leads to the increased value for the customer. Questrade is one such company that strives to exceed expectations, and the additional features just accentuate all the benefits that are already offered. The best part is that Questrade offers these features at no additional cost.

Even the most accomplished investors in the world such as Warren Buffett and David Abrams work with trusted teams and advisors. Unlike many other forums on the internet, The Exchange seems to be active. In fact, we were surprised by the activity on it as we had expected it to be a tundra, devoid of any signs of life. We highly encourage users to participate in Questrades forum as it is a fun way to learn, participate in polls and contests and most importantly, meet like-minded people who can help build knowledge and share experiences.

We highly encourage users both new and seasoned alike, to continuously educate themselves as good education is paramount in the makings of a good investor. However, what the learning platform lacks in quantity it very much makes up for in quality. Additionally, the Questrade webinars cover a broad range of topics, listed below: And the best part is that all this is free. Questrade has made all of these free to access.

Such fears are exacerbated on stock trading platforms with number and graphs flashing everywhere. To ease the pain, Questrade offers many options. The easiest is the personal live demo, wherein traders will be taken through all the features of the platform by a specialist and registered for the day free trial.

Another option for all those who live in Toronto is to visit the Questrade Live Learning Center, where you will find platform specialists serving up free trial accounts and live platform seminars. The blog for Questrade, in our opinion, needs more work. It is the only way you will be successful when it comes to self directed investment.

Intraday Trader Questrades Intraday trader is perfect for traders who want technical tips for hot stocks on all the indexes You can probably tell from the name, but this research tool is more directed at traders. Intraday Trader is a technical analyzer that watches all of your favorite indexes and provides updates and alerts on certain triggers. You can use Questrades preset lists, or you can insert your own stocks or indexes to follow.

What it will do is alert you when a potential profitable trading opportunity has arisen. It is obviously up to you to decide if you want to take advantage of it or not. Make your triggers as simple or as complicated as you wish, and the program is extremely fun to tinker with. Market Intelligence Market research is a one stop tool when you need to find out anything about a stock or industry. Market Intelligence is essentially a central hub that contains access to a TON of information all around the world.

Morningstar provides the data as we mentioned earlier in this review. Looking up earnings reports on specific companies or even complete sectors is now a breeze. Mutual fund centre Questrades mutual fund centre is an amazing place to access all things mutual funds A tool made specifically for Questrade mutual fund aficionados, allows them to compare funds against a benchmark and is loaded with reports, earnings, news, customizable and pre-set watch lists, filters and screeners. Following that, when an investor has to make a trade, he can do so directly from the Questrade mutual fund center.

As of now, the data pertains to Canadian mutual funds only. Questrades Account History Questrade keeps very tidy records of your portfolio performance and current holdings Some of us live a fast-paced life and do not have the time to keep track of all our activities. Dec 18, 3: When I add the Ea to a chart and click ok, it says: Joe Stevens Reply Nov 15, 2: It needs to go in your indicators folder.

Nov 10, 9: Mark Reply Oct 20, 5: Also occasionally stop loss is hit due to trending. I use demo accounts of or USD with 0. One other problem is in the updates of flex. I got warnings from MT4 when v3. Will the open trades be taken over by Flex 4. GP Reply Oct 20, In general there are 2 situations when those extreme movements can happen.

New news filter in V4. But keep in mind that sometimes even on medium impact news huge movements may occur or speeches may take some more minutes and then take effect on market. In V4 there are next to the news filter much more filters to protect as much as possible. New news filter can be configured in order to close baskets on MinsBeforeNews value of minutes. But that would affect every time a news event occurs. But this only means all charts where flex is working on with the same magic number — keep that in mind if you user other EA as well.

If you use it, flex stops adding more trades to the basket in the loosing direction. In total I would wish some more flexible exit conditions in flex. As this product is actively developed, I hope we see something like this in the future. I check from time to time the web side.. The trick to not having to setup the charts on each update is to rename the ex4 file.

I cut the version off and simply overwrite it on each update. Finally as long as your magic number will not change, flex will trade your open trades. Just be careful that the new parameters are set correctly. If you want to save you custom settings, save the settings in a set file and merge it afterwards. I made me a.


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