DirectFX Introducing the Latest Forex Platform: CQG FX

From the Charts Executing orders from the charts is done via the SnapTrader tool.

Cannon Trading offers access to the following: But even so occasionally I get lazy and find myself all confused wishing I had done it before I just got filled in 5 different products at once and scrambling to figure out if i'm hung or not. 

A third help function is the Support button located in the upper right corner of the platform.

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CQG FX comes with every order type FX traders are accustomed to including: Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit Orders. In addition, CQG FX introduces a multitude of new order types: Trailing Limits, Trailing Stops, OCO, and Bracket Orders.

Notice how the Buy and Sell tabs change order types to allow you to place different orders. A red horizontal line will also appear on the chart when clicking the up and down arrows. Once your price is selected click the order type you wish to execute on the SnapTrader.

To Change the order quanty clickin the quantity box and type in the prefered quantity. The number will highlight at which time you can type in the amount you wish to execute. Notice how when you adjust the price the buttons on the sides of the depth of market update. Press the button of the type of order you wish to place. To Change the order quantity click the pre-set quantity located on the bottom of the Order Ticket Window. Or, you can click the number currently in the white box and type in the number of your choice.

Notice when you change the order quantity in the box it automatically updates the order buttons. Before trying to place an order enter a quantity into the quantity field. This can be done by clicking into the field and typing the desired order. Or, clicking the quantity buttons below the quantity box.

The button will update to the appropriate color and the middle will change from a price to MKT signaling you are about to place a market order. Then click on the far right drop down arrow to display BRKT. When placing your next trade a confirmation window will appear allowing you the ability to place your stop loss and take profit. Keep the pages or create new ones quickly and for a different perspective.

To pull up a chart go to the top toolbar and left click on the chart button. You can add up to 4 different charts with each having a different symbol or time interval.

To remove a tab in the charting window right click on the tab you would like to remove and select close tab from the drop down menu. To change time frame in CQG FX right click in the blue section at the top of the chart, select Chart Interval from the drop down menu, then select the time frame you wish. You can also update your time interval this way by typing comma then the time you wish.

From here it will give you a drop down menu. Then select the Symbol Search button from the menu. You only need the DR then the currency pair. Click the More Options button located at the bottom left and select Password from the drop down menu.

Enter in your old password and new password. Click change and it will update. When you are logged in left click the Setup button in the top left corner of the toolbar. A drop down menu will appear with change password as an available option.

The Set New Password window will open on your screen. Enter your Old, and New Passwords into the appropriate fields then select change. Your password is now changed. To modify the parameters of the study or indicator.

Right click on the study you have added and select modify from the drop down menu. Then select Link Windows Mode. Your window you are currently in will become the master and you will see a colored square in the top left corner. Next to the cursor a colored square will appear. Left click on any trading window you wish to link. To exit linking windows mode press escape or left click to get out of windows mode.

To unlink windows left click on the colored circle or square in the upper right corner of the trading window you wish to unlink. Select Unlink Window from the drop down menu. Customizable spreadsheet-based trading application that allows traders to track the state of a wide collection of markets using their favorite studies, conditions, and alerts.

Integrated depth-of-market and order management interface that minimizes use of screen real estate. Professional order-entry application that provides market transparency. Comprehensive desk-trader tool that attaches to any application, such as a quote board or a chart.

Automated and ultra-low-latency management of orders in aggregated markets. Notifications of when a specific price, time, study, or trend-line condition has been met. Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid: Powerful trading applications that allow traders to define and monitor both synthetic and exchange-traded spreads and trade exchange-traded spreads.

Orders and Positions Monitor and manage futures accounts using real-time prices with Orders and Positions. The Trading Summary shows all daily trading activity by account or across all accounts.


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cqg fx Tailored for the Professional FX Trader Fully integrated into the CQG ecosystem, traders can leverage CQG Integrated Client’s robust market data, analytics, and electronic trade routing tools to trade foreign exchange via CQG FX.

CQG FX comes with every order type FX traders are accustomed to including: Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit Orders. In addition, CQG FX introduces a multitude of new order types: Trailing Limits, Trailing Stops, OCO, and Bracket Orders. CQG Smart Order Types: In addition to the standard FX order types, CQG FX is introducing Forex traders to a multitude of new order types: Trailing limits, Trailing Stops, OCO, and Bracket Orders. Order Durations: Take full control of your orders by having the ability to set the duration. 

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CQG FX Selected as Quantic Money Manager Challenge Trading Platform News This Forex Magnates article highlights CQG's newest front end, the foreign-exchange-focused CQG FX, which was selected as the trading platform . OANDA CQG FX offers traders the ability use standard and advanced server-side orders (Market, Stop, Limit, OCO, Bracket, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Trailing Limit and more. The advanced SpreadSheet Trader allows watchlist and trading functionality while integrating condition, price, time, and indicator alerts, that can be automated with a few clicks.

CQG FX Real-Time Data Feed. To work with this supplier quotations, you will need to open a demo or live account for API trading. To do this, you must fill out a form on the website of any broker, working with CQG FX. The demo account will be opened after 5 minutes. Username and password will be sent to your e-mail. Feb 01,  · Download CQG FX for free. CQG FX is a trading tool fully integrated into the CQG pocketdice.gaing System: Windows.

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