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I followed a signal for a while and used some EAs.

Pinging two servers to monitor Internet connection Then, after you see MT4 got disconnected, check if ping is running or not. 

The current account number and password are specified in the fields of "Login" and "Password". No news issued when the terminal was disconnected will income in it.

Find the cause of the connectivity problem 

TradersWay is an online forex broker. Traders Way offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and cTrader trading currency top platforms. offers over 10 currency pairs, metals, indices, energies, and commodities for your personal investment and /5().

Analytical possibilities of MetaTrader 4 terminal are not limited only to it. If it is required to use any non-standard indicator, it is possible to write it by yourself using a built-in MQL4 language.

Besides, it is possible to write special experts and to automate analytical and trading processes in an MT4 completely. Safety of trading transactions is one of the major tasks being solved by similar programs and MetaTrader 4 has solved it excellent.

And it is enough for safety of trading transactions. In addition it is possible to use an improved safety system based on RSA algorithm of digital signatures. It is impossible to crack the information in MT4 protected by this way. MetaTrader 4 client terminal has a lot of functions which are easy to understand. Thanks to a thoroughly developed interface, everything looks intuitively clearly.

To understand how to work with an MT4 takes just a few minutes. A detailed Help in which the trader will find answers to all the questions is built in the terminal. To open a trading account, please fill out the form on our website. As soon as your account has been created and the account information has been received, you need to add the account to MetaTrader.

Please start the program and choose menu item "File" - "Login" on the main menu. Enter the received account number and password in the dialog box and a server from the Servers list. If you want the program to remember the entered credentials, enable "Save account information". Please do not use this option if the computer you're on could be accessed by others.

It would open when it wasn't supposed to open, causing losses. I tried over a 2 month period, and verified that using Expert Advisors, is manipulated results on Traderway side.

I cashed out what little was left after this fiasco. It was proved with 2 demo accounts, and 1 live account with T. W that they do screw with your EA's. Don't bother with this company. The other 2 accounts had the same amount and did not cause a margin call.

Cuong Truong , Chicago, IL. Arif Khan , India. The information on this page is incorrect. They are out of the reach of the CFTC and thus can accept clients from wherever they choose.

When I asked them if they accept US clients they told me: I followed a signal for a while and used some EAs.

I signed up for their IB program and referred a couple of friends to the company and made some money from their trading commissions. I have a screen shot of my latest Skrill withdrawal which is greater than the amount I originally deposited with them but am not sure how to upload it to the site. I think that if I had seen a proof of payout from other members of the Earn Forex community then I would have been a lot less wary of sending my money overseas to begin with.

After receiving the payment from them I felt the need to let everyone know that they do indeed pay out. I started out with comparable limited knowledge and mostly for fun, but have grown to make some serious buck. I've been nothing but pleased with Traders Way. I've been in contact with support a few times, just for some questions, and they reply quick and kind.

I have a CT. ECN account, and their services are reliable and of great quality. I would recommend Traders Way to any of my friends! Instruct Me , U. Monday, April 22, I'm confused. I have no love for Dodd-Frank, as it flies in the face of my audacity of hope. I have no experience with this company so I enter my impression as neutral, but I think US traders are setting themselves up for legal action from our new overlords.

Thursday, January 10, They have a phone number on their web site that doesn't work.


5 ways to make MT4 reconnect to broker server 

MetaTrader 4 trading terminal is a workplace of the trader and it allows working on the financial markets as Forex, CFD and Futures. By this trading terminal traders can analyze the dynamics of trading instruments, make trading transactions, create and use programs of automatic trading (Experts, Expert Advisors).

TradersWay cMirror is an application that allows you to Mirror (copy) the trades of Signal Providers using Market Orders for entry. It also allows you to become a Singal Provider so that you can offer your signals to other Traders and charge commissions per million mirrored for your service. Please note that foreign exchange and other leveraged trading involves significant risk of loss. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary. 

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The latest Tweets from TradersWay (@TradersWay). Trader’s Way, a prime on-line FOREX and CFD brokerage company, was established with the principle mission - to provide traders with the widest opportunities. Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server. Try again? Include parent Tweet Include media. If you are unsure of the server your account is set up for, please confirm the specific server from the email we sent to you with your initial login details. For example, If you receive "No connection", or your charts say "Waiting for update" try logging in with your specific alternative server.

1. Ensure that you are connected successfully to your broker’s server 2. Click on the Start Menu and go to All Programs –> Accessories –> Command Prompt You can also (in windows 7 and windows vista) just type in “cmd” in the search box visible once you click on the start menu. However, if there is a need to connect to another server, its address and port must be given in the "Server" field. The data must be given in the following format: "[internet address of the server]: [port number]" (without spaces). For example: "", where "" is the server address, and "" is the port number.

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