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While traders are required to deposit a significant sum to use the service, it should be stressed that the service is completely free, with Signal Trader making money from Introducing Broker commissions.

You can also share your lists with others and view lists created by other investors. You also can choose the indicators the robot will use in determining your trades. 

Binary options traders can choose from various parameters to develop their own proven strategies.

What Are Binary Options Signals? 

ZuluTrade Review (Our Opinion) management features in December which allow you to set a maximum loss you’d take in monetary terms for each “trader/signal.

OptionRobot Signals Not too long ago, a new automatic binary options trading signals system came to our attention. I have decided to take a close look at OptionRobot.

I must say that I am impressed. Being quite skeptical of automatic systems, I have discovered that Option Robot makes trades as if I were the one doing it. No, I take that back…It is as if I, along with a team of binary options professionals are all making trades on the same wavelength.

To use the service, you simply create an account and sign up with your preferred binary options broker. Once you have completed those steps, and deposited money in the broker account Option Robot is free , you can go into the settings tab and choose your favourite method. I will describe those further down in this article.

You set your system to auto, and Option Robot will make trades based on your settings. If you want to test the system first, Option Robot does offer a demo accoun t so you can get adjusted. I had tried trading binary options and did quite well, but I just did not have the time to spend making trades.

I saw an advertisement for Option Robot and decided to give it a go. In the short time I have used Option Robot, it has helped me pay off my vehicle and catch up my mortgage payments. Option Robot is the best! Brainstorming, they developed the basic idea that Option Robot runs on. Traders are able to set the methods used or the system to trade with their funds. They can choose 1 or more of the 6 trading indicators. The system will go by these indicators and if the ones you selected match, Option Robot will make the trade, but if 1 disagrees with the others, the trade will not be made.

You also choose the amount of your trade and what assets the system is allowed to trade. The other setting is the trading method. There are 3 methods: The Classic which keeps all your trades at the same amount. The Martingale which will double your trade amount after a loss so you will profit, and the amount drops back after a win. The Fibonacci which uses an age old mathematical system to measure the best amount to trade with. You give all these settings and the system follows your orders.

The system will trade as long as your browser is open but if it would suddenly get shut off, the system will stop trading. This protects you so you can keep a close eye on trades as they are made. This is far better than other trading robots. We will keep this updated as we see more from Option Robot.

Summary As I stated earlier, I am somewhat skeptical of any automatic trading system, but Option Robot has made me a believer in their system. It is so tremendous that even the binary options brokers with the highest reputations have attached themselves with Option Robot. Yes, you have a wide range of brokers you can choose from with Option Robot , many of them are licensed and regulated. It happens to be one of the more advanced solutions for anyone who wants to invest their money in binary options, stocks, etc.

We review FX MasterBot to reveal precisely what the software offers to users, its features and what people are saying about it. We suggest that you read the full review not just to learn more about it but also if its worth your purchase. How can FX MasterBot be used? It has been designed by a team of experts who have a lot of experience in the financial markets and so it makes trading a smooth process.

The algorithms have been developed to follow the markets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to pick up the best trading opportunities. The other good thing about the software is that it analyzes the markets on autopilot and makes predictions regarding traders, assets, and price without any manual intervention.

That saves users a great deal of time. Experienced traders will find the manual trading mode to be the most suitable since they have the experience to make good decisions. Though on the other hand, complete newbie traders will want to use the automated mode since it minimizes the risk of bad trades considerably.

Does not require you download the software A great feature of FX MasterBot is the fact that it does not have to be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. That makes it compatible with an array of operating systems. The mobile version of the tool ensures that you never miss out on another excellent trading opportunity again when on the move. Plus, trades can be placed via any smartphone or tablet computer or even a regular laptop computer.

How to start using FX MasterBot? It is for this reason that the payment options and other information are encrypted and secured. Sign up to use the software from their website Then open a brokerage account Add some money to the account and use their auto-trading functionality Expected profits The vast array of advanced features and various settings means that it is a highly capable software which can be used by anyone and meet their expectations.

It outputs many signals on a regular basis that traders can use to maximize their gains and improve returns. What does the software cost? Is FX MasterBot just fraud? In our experience FX MasterBot is a highly efficient trading software which offers an array of tools and features. It was conceived, designed and developed by expert traders to be used for people of all skill levels. It helps connect traders to brokers.

As a matter of fact traders can easily choose from over a dozen different brokers that partner with the software. Plus, the fact that it has over 10, customers from around the world means that they have to be doing something right. Then there are many reviews and feedback from present and past users most of which is very positive. So, there is no evidence to prove that FX MasterBot is a fraud or scam.

As a first level there are all of its basic settings, and then there are advanced settings. It allows you to adjust things like expiration time as per your trading preferences. You can also choose from long-term trading to short-term trading with the expiration ranging from just 60 seconds to a week and over. The software also allows you to control the amount of risk.

You can choose from four primary risk levels. Level 1 is the lowest risk, while level 4 has the most risk. You can also use an array of trading options to manage your account. However their trader counts it as won and you are ready to break your monitor: They make money from it. So you set it and forget it. This is a huge advantage. The owners earn money from the sign-up bonuses they get from the brokers. They lure you to set up a free account with them. If you lead more many clients to them you can also ask them to raise the commission.

This is the reason they exist in the first place. There are many out there for Forex trading but not for binary options trading. For example, you cannot automatically stop following a trading system if they lose a certain amount in your account. Hence your account risk management is completely in the hands of the forex traders you copy. Because they all risk significant amounts of their own money, you would expect them to manage risk in a consistent and professional manner.

However, in our opinion, some kind of risk protection against a trader going rogue would have been useful. As soon as the first trades get mirrored in your broker account, you can monitor your live account from the Signal Trader interface. Costs Opening a Signal Trader live account is totally free of charge and there are no extra management or performance fees to pay. It is however very important to note that the spreads with their partner brokers are slightly marked up by about 0.

It works out about the same as the markup. Arguably, yes, I know we can get lower spreads with some discount fx brokers in the UK, though we would not be able to connect to Signal Trader with them. When we review the costs we always look at the slippage as well.

This is the difference in price between what you got in your account and the trader you copy got in their account. Hence they may get different spreads and in terms of trade execution, trades from different brokers and often different continents will be copied. Having looked in very close detail at the individual trades in our account we have not noticed any slippage so far, which is very impressive.

If anything, for the sets of trades we investigated, the slippage was even very slightly in our favour though arguable we did not test this for every trading system — something not in the remit of this review. Obviously, as mentioned above, our spreads are not marked up. With other brokers a small difference is therefore likely. Lucky, because there is no telephone support number, only e-mail and live chat. Both in terms of the clarity of the answers as in the time to get back to us normally within a few minutes!

In terms of supporting documentation, there are some FAQs which are very basic. Signal Trader also supports 8 other languages. Social Most investors join Signal Trader so they can automatically copy the trades from the professional forex traders on the platform.


Does It Work? 

Detailed review of Signal Trader's automated forex trade copying platform by real money live account investor.

We rate & review Signal Trader and see how it Signal Traders really only offers Any opinions expressed in reviews on this site is purely the opinion of. What is Signal Trader and how does it Currently Signal Trader has only 14 signal Any opinions expressed in reviews on this site is purely the opinion of. 

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Good website I’ve personally found. You have to do your due diligence before following a trader however the setup is excellent as you can follow experienced traders for free. Did you get scam again by the scamming companies? We're here to reveal the scam reports for all the famous broker and investors, Check the review report of Optical Signal Trader and for more.

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