Is Rakuten a safe + good customer support website?

Not only did they not send me any confirmation or payment links until after I followed up a week later, they would not honor the free shipping promo.

Placed an order on the 23rd of Nov. Didn't my orders fail due to some system error? 

I let it ride - maybe I was mistaken. I told her that my friend uses an Android, and I stopped by BestBuy the day before to check out the same headset, and I was told by BestBuy staff that the headset should work for both iPhone and BestBuy.

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I've been using the Global Rakuten site for a few months now, and have had a wide range of customer service experiences. Some shops are great and provide top notch service while others are just horrible.

This leads to a major problem I have with this site. Because Global Rakuten keeps an unregulated, "hands-off" approach with their sellers, many of them will set their own rules on how the purchasing process works. The lack of uniformity combined with the language barriers lead to a lot of confusion for the consumers. You must read and fully understand the "Engrish" rules for every seller you buy from or risk getting burned.

Rakuten should step in and set some standards for the sellers in order to protect the customer. I told a friend about Global Rakuten and he decided to look for an inexpensive laundry drying rack. The seller sent the PayPal link so my friend paid. He decides that the shipping is too high and asks to cancel. The seller says to please refer to their store's rules page which states somewhere in that long, barely understandable English rules that no refunds will be given.

If any English speaking person could figure that out from reading that barely legible page, I applaud them. Who in their right mind would pay without knowing the actual shipping cost, which could be astronomical, coming from overseas? What's to stop sellers from low balling shipping costs so they can make the sale and keep your payment without sending the goods if you decide its too expensive?

Is that the normal online ordering process in Japan? And forget about contacting Rakuten and their "hands-off" approach with problems like this. And keep in mind that if you do get ripped off by a seller and they do side in your favor, your refund will be in the form of Global Rakuten points, not a refund.

Another big gripe is their search engine. It needs a lot of work. I know it was BS since I separately contacted the end vendor who said they had systems problems so everything was delayed and they cannot make it up to me.

I cancelled the order. Bottom line, Rakuten lies and works with second rate vendors since all the majors work with Amazon. Do not shop here. Also their price quote does not include tax even though it knows the delivery address so they charge that later. I called the listed customer service number multiple times and there were no return phone calls at all from this supplier company, ProElectronics. I left messages on the Rakuten website which was a middleman and no replies either.

I started to really panic but everything turned out to be just great. Seller was very friendly and courteous, cancelled one of my orders immediately upon request, the other order arrived very fast, was packaged neatly, all 6 items were original goods, not counterfeit, good quality. I will shop at this seller again. I see that most if not all 1 star reviews were from people who bought expensive items such as electronics.

So I suppose that it depends on what you buy and who is the seller. Received confirmation e-mail and an e-mail stating item are On their way. FedEx Tracking number stated Label Created. Well after 11 days, the FedEx tracking number is still Label Created. Called Rakuten's customer support who transferred me to the Seller of MarketPlace. They said they could reship the items but would take days to process and days to ship. I paid for shipping and Ive been waiting 11 days since the label was created.

I was told the shipping was for the first order not the reshipment. How is it reshipping if the FedEx Shipping Label has not been used? Feel like Rakuten and MarketPlace are thieves. So wish I could give a zero Star rating. July 3, Quality of product and service was very poor. First, I ordered the Lesmore TV stand online through rakuten. Once received, the table had several scratches on the surface and looked used. I have been trying to get ahold of the customer service for 4 days and have not heard back from them.

I will never purchase anything from Rakuten again and would not recommend to anyone. Helpful 18 people found this review helpful Steve of St. July 1, The seller of the Nikon d camera will not answer any emails about a problem I am having with a lens that was included in this purchase. Tried to register the camera and Nikon will not warranty the Camera nor will Tamron warranty the lens.


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But when going back to Rakuten to post a review, the order friendly site turned out to be just that - easy to order; really tough to make any observation. For /5().

Rakuten reviews Is this your business? reviews Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Marketplace, Electronics, Tradebuy. I got an update that the order shipped on December 25th. I emailed Tardebuy through the Rakuten site, Tradebuy never got back to me!. I contacted Rakuten and complained. reviews for Rakuten Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. 

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