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Option Example We will take a look at a graphical example of a call option payoff in order to help cement your understanding of how an option would work.

We will go through the differences and similarities between binary options and traditional options in depth. These then evolved into an asset class in their own right which culminated with them officially being traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in  

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The holder of the option does not have to execute on the underlying contract if it is not profitable for him to do so. Options can be written on a range of financial assets from Equity, to commodities, Forex, interest rates and even bonds and credit ratings. Options contracts are by no means a new phenomenon in the financial world. They have existed for hundreds of years and first started being offered in ancient Greece as a way for farmers to hedge their olive crops.

Since then, they have been used in commodity circles for a number of years. People then started to trade options on equities stock options and interest rates Swaptions.

These then evolved into an asset class in their own right which culminated with them officially being traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in This created a large market for them with full liquidity similar to how traditional stock markets would operate.

Some Option Fundamentals Option theory can be quite a complicated discipline but there are a few fundamental factors that one needs to know about in order to trade them.

Some of these are more relevant for quantitative traders than others but it helps to have an overview of them all. Current and Strike Price The Currency price S and the Strike price K are two really important inputs in determining the option price and payoff.

The current asset price is self-explanatory and is the price that is prevailing in the market for the asset. The strike price is the agreed upon price that the option holder will either buy or sell the asset at expiry.

Time To Expiry This is the predetermined time in the future when the option expires. If the trader has entered into a European option, then this is the only time at which they can exercise the option their right to either buy or sell the security. This is in contrast to the American option where a trader can exit at any time prior to expiry.

The option expiry time can range anywhere from end of month to a few years in the future. Option expiry time is also an important point in pricing options as it plays a large role in the time value of the option. This is the notion that, all things held equal, an option with a longer time to expiry is worth more. When someone buys a PUT option, they are getting the option of selling some asset at some time in the future.

Hence, one can think of the CALL option as a trader taking a bullish long view on the asset and the PUT option as the trader taking a bearish short view of the market.

In essence, what it implies is if it would be profitable for the trader to exercise the option at the current price level. Conversely, a PUT option is in the money when the price is below the strike. Out of the money options occur when exercising the option is not worth it for the holder and they would rather let the option expire worthless.

This is because volatility can impact the price movement of the asset to a large degree and hence the option price as well. Volatility is a measure of how much a price moves around a mean. Generally speaking, options on assets with more volatility are more expensive as there is more chance that the price will swing wildly in or out of the money Payoff At the expiry time of the option, the holder will get a certain payoff.

This will only be positive if the option has indeed expired in the money. Premium The option premium is another term for its price. When a trader buys an option, the maximum that they are going to lose on the trade is this premium amount. Option Example We will take a look at a graphical example of a call option payoff in order to help cement your understanding of how an option would work.

In the image on the right we have a CALL option. We can see that the strike price K of the option is at Looking at the payoff structure, one can see why options have an asymmetric payoff. The maximum loss that the trader can lose is the option premium when the option is out of the money.

On the upside though, the potential profits from holding the option are unlimited. This is the reason why options can be such a profitable derivative instrument. Of course, this is rather simplistic as the option price does vary according to the time to expiry and the volatility in the underlying asset. Benefits of an Option Given the nature of the payoff and the way that options are priced, there are a number of benefits from trading options. Although some of these are more applicable to sophisticated investors, retail traders can learn from them.

Leveraged Trade The Trader is in effect taking a leveraged trade on the asset to the upside. Trading Binary Options is a decision between a Call or a Put trade.

When trading Binary Options the trades generally last for smaller durations then ordinary options. So a single Binary Trade might last a second up to several days whereas regular options may trade indefinitely.

How to Trade Binary Options in 3 simple steps: Trades were you know the the price of the vehicle, be it stock, currency, index etc. Trades were you know the price of the vehicle, be it stock, currency, index etc.

At the conclusion of the trade period if you happen to be successful you will get your initial investment back plus an investment profit. Investment earnings can vary between 70 and 90 percent. You usually see that assets like forex pairs that are traded frequently offer higher investment returns.

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Options Trader Club is a diverse trading service that uses weekly group webinars (LIVE Trading Rooms) and mobile trade alerts to facilitate a multitude of “defined-risk” stock and options trading strategies.

Being a member with Options Trader Club opens the door to an exclusive trading and training social network, dedicated to your success. Experience a community of like-minded traders that is built to expand your knowledge, increase your confidence, network with others, and reach your trading goals faster. Options Trader Club is a premiere options trading membership community. We are a trade picks & strategies service, live trading webinar center, trading database and social network community. The Club is a hub for self-directed options traders looking for worthwhile trades, insight into professional trading strategies and camaraderie in fellow like-minded traders. 

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Options Trader Club is a community of like-minded “success driven” traders that was built to expand your knowledge, increase your confidence, mastermind with others, and reach your trading goals faster. Traders Club Trading is simply an additional Binary Options Trading Product in a very long line of systems, Systems and Apps meant to generate New Customers for Binary Option Brokers who are paying their Affiliate marketers $ per brand new account.

Panduan Memilih Broker Binary Option Yang Paling Tepat Pada kesempatan ini OptionTrader Club membagikan info ke anda cara / panduan yang tepat memilih broker terbaik untuk anda khususnya pada broker binary option yang . Our options trading course teaches MarketClub members how to accelerate their profits with the power of leverage.

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