Is My Millionaire Mentor just a waste of money? (full review)

What is My Millionaire Mentor?

There are zero reasons you should not try this out as soon as you can, and you should also hurry before he closes the whole thing down. 

They will tell you to go promote their program in exchange for a commission. So what happens after you pay My Millionaire Mentor all this money?

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The My Millionaire Mentor 6-step guide is not a scam but an authentic outline for a lucrative online presence is an authentic way to participate in the Internet business field. Ryan Mathews offers a once in a lifetime opportunity that is secure and safe/5.

My Millionaire Mentor Owner: Ryan Mathews probably a fake name Price: Have you watched the promo video for this program? I have to say that I have seen much worse acting from make money online programs, but this one is on top 5 of the nominees. I guess this would be a good situation to bring up the good ole saying.

This is really so fake and it really should be obvious it is. Who is this Ryan Mathews? First of all, this dude Ryan Mathews is nowhere to be found. Why would someone want to hide themselves from their own product? There are many people out there using fake names and hire people to claim they make tons of money using some made up system. How this kind of Scam Works The process is in reality very simple and the scammers are using the same technique they have used for a long time now.

Because ridiculous up-sells, tricks and gimmicks are exactly what await you. If you just want to make money online, there is no reason to purchase expensive programs like this. A legitimate program such as Wealthy Affiliate will lead you to the right path. Each of them was created by individual MOBE affiliates that want to recruit new members as their down-lines.

MTTB teaches you how to use their sales materials and funnels to sell the same program, and earn commissions from your buyers. On paper, MTTB sounds like a good deal if you join them as their affiliates — most of their products are high-ticket products, which means that you only need to sell a few products to get some very high commissions. You are going to lose thousands of dollars before you even start earning.

However, in all the sales material, there was no mention of any of the ridiculous up-sells that were coming my way. My coach tried to justify the purchase by saying that I can gain access to many other high-ticket products and resell the license rights to earn commissions in the process.

So, to make it simpler, if you want to capture all the commissions from your down-lines, you better buy all the way up to Platinum license. There are a whole lot of other high ticket products costing hundreds to thousands that you can earn commission from, but the structure is the same. You have to buy the license first before you sell it to others to earn a commission.

This is a pyramid scheme packaged as an affiliate program. The 2 conditions you have to fulfill in order to gain the guarantee is as follow: You have to finish the 21 steps you have buy the MOBE license! In my book, if you are required to pay so much just to get started without prior knowledge , and continue to recruit unsuspecting people into the program, it qualifies as a scam. Is My Millionaire Mentor a Scam? The answer is clear.


You Will Not Make Money With My Millionaire Mentor 

However I’m tempted to say My Millionaire Mentor is a scam because the sales video and everything claimed is not really accurate. For example My Millionaire Mentor sales video is full of fake testimonials. It’s quite sad because MOBE does actually have real testimonials yet My Millionaire Mentor is using fake ones from Fiverr.

Join My Millionaire Mentor to become one of his 50 proteges and make $5, per day. He goes on to guarantee that members will make $ in their first month. With that type of guarantee it’s definitely worth joining Millionaire Mentor. My Millionaire Mentor Scam Review Video on My Millionaire Mentor homepage is full of hypes If you are wondering why I include My Online Business Empire (MOBE) and My Top Tier Business (MTTB) in the descriptions above, it’s because all these scams are related to each other. 

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Millionaire Mentor Group - Total Bunk and Scam May 20, People and one woman in particular is one that is a paid actor that does reviews for other things online that are scams in Binary Trading and other things that are flat out lies/5(10). Feb 19,  · My Millionaire Mentor Review You probably came here for a review of My Millionaire Mentor to see if it’s a scam or a legit make money online, once in a lifetime opportunity. I won’t beat around the bush and tell you right away – 1/5.

How this kind of Scam Works. The process is in reality very simple and the scammers are using the same technique they have used for a long time millionaire mentor scam. The (my millionaire mentor) program claims that you will get $ after watching the video, but what really happens is that you are asked to pay $49 to get access to the . My Millionaire Mentor is a network marketing company that offers mentoring and training on – you guessed it – how to become a millionaire. Oh, the humble b.

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