A comparison chart helps traders understand the different accounts more clearly.

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This account type can be also used by professional traders, because its trade characteristics are the same as of Insta. Eurica trading accounts were developed for beginning traders because they require minimal possible trade volume. This type of account suits those who want to test trading strategies with minimal risks using the trade advantage of 0.

Eurica account holders have the same trading terms as Insta. The only difference is the amount of deposit required. A comparison chart helps traders understand the different accounts more clearly. I was pleased to see when doing this InstaForex review that there is a demo account available for traders who are still hesitant about their trading skills. Traders can open a fully functional demo account using the MetaTrader 4 platform which offers its services on currency instruments, 34 U.

An explanatory video is available but is not very easy to understand the instructions given the heavy accent of the speaker. Features Account holders can enter the InstaForex Client Cabinet where they can read about financial matters as well as news and events and security information.

The daily updated section of market analysis is prepared by the professional analysts of InstaForex Company. They also provide market signals that analyze and forecast price fluctuations. Each signal provides summary information, calculation formulas, and tips for practical use. The indicators are available to be downloaded and set up in MetaTrader 4 platform. Jadi nilai bid dan ask adalah sama. Jika keadaan trading akaun biasa, nilai bid adalah sentiasa rendah berbanding ask berikutan ada tambahan spread.

Tetapi tidak untuk akaun Eurica ini. Jenis akaun ini sangat disarankan untuk trader baru kerana tidak perlu memikirkan tentang spread semasa trading, terutamanya semasa memasang pending order.

Oleh itu pending order tersebut juga akan dilaksanakan tepat pada price order yang telah ditetapkan tanpa ada tolak tambah spread. Ini menjadikan analisis lebih mudah dan strategi menjadi lebih efektif. Eurica — Akaun Cent ini disediakan khas untuk mereka yang baru mencuba dengan modal rendah. Volume dagangan adalah paling kecil iaitu micro lot 0. Ini membolehkan latihan dagangan dijalankan dengan hampir tiada risiko.

Akaun ini juga sesuai untuk mereka yang ingin menguji strategi dagangan dengan risiko minima dan mengambil kelebihan 0. Walaupun akaun ini membenarkan volume terkecil, tetapi terma dagangan masih sama dengan akaun standard atau Eurica. Terdapat had deposit maksima yang dibenarkan. Untuk mereka yang lebih pro dan berdagang untuk menjana keuntungan adalah lebih baik menggunakan akaun Insta.

As a trader, you can execute offers and receive prices for the major pairs of currency, commodities, stocks, and indices. On the MT4 platform, you get everything you need to do the technical analysis necessary and keep track of the behavior of financial assets on the market. It runs on the Windows and Mac and be downloaded and installed easily on Apple, Blackberry, and Android mobile devices.

Finally, it allows you to work with a few Instaforex trading accounts simultaneously. So if you want to manage multiple accounts at a time, then it offers a multi-terminal advantage over most other Swissquote , 24option and Trading brokers.

Types of Instaforex Accounts Instaforex divides the accounts they offer into three categories: Eurica, and two Cent accounts Cent. Any type of trader can use the standard account which provides a range of deposit sizes for more convenience and affordability. With it, you get trades settled with a classical spread without any fees but can change the leverage.

Instaforex recommends this account for new traders because orders are executed exactly when the price meets its value if the spread equals 0. Additionally, these accounts give you more room to learn the market with a simpler trading system. But more experienced traders are free to use them as well since the characteristics are the same as the standard account. Due to a minimal trade volume requirement, Instaforex designed the Cent. Eurica accounts for beginner traders as well.

You can test your trading strategies with little risk and utilize the 0. Otherwise, the terms for these accounts are the same as the other two respective accounts with the difference being the required deposit amount.

Instaforex offers a chart to help you better understand the different accounts they have available if you need it. You can also take advantage of a demo account if you still have some hesitation about risking real money with your trading skills or method. The demo account functions fully using the MT4 platform. This platforms combines the latest developments in the trading world and shares the same features with standard desktop applications.

WebTrader offers you a couple of modifications you can use depending on how you like to approach trading. The webtrader platform is well organized and simple to use With the chart approach, you get a candlestick chart, an OHLC chart, a tick chart, and trader position information on a chosen asset combined.


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