Unlocking the full potential of the UK-GCC trade and investment relationship

At every level, from the highest reaches of government to individual businesses, we are striving to deepen the trading relationship between the UK and the GCC.

Their capability can give your nations, and your citizens, the tools to face the economic and social challenges of the 21st Century. A pick-up in economic momentum is expected to come into force in , however, with aggregate growth forecast to surge to 2. 

This has set the pattern of engagement, with ministerial visits across the region, as well as high-level seminars and conferences in several countries. They are busy here and simply do not have the time to be active in sourcing deals or networking in the appropriate ecosystems.

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Three Prime Ministerial Trade Envoys are currently active within the GCC, spearheading a whole-of-government effort to maximise Britain’s trade and investment opportunities. As well as this political and diplomatic progress, my own Department for International Trade is offering practical support to expand the UK-GCC trading relationship.

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Gulf Investment Fund PLC

GCC Investments LLC is principal investment firm specializing in making growth stage investments. GCC trade and investment flows: The emerging-market surge is an Economist Intelligence Unit report that explores the changing and growing economic relationships between the GCC and emerging markets.

Gulf Investment Fund plc gives exposure to emerging investment opportunities and positive fundamental factors in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region that have not yet been priced in by the market. Firstly, the typical GCC-based investor is very risk averse and is fond of tangible assets. A lot of investment security has existed in the region by making real estate investment plays and garnering a set return profile within a fixed amount of time.

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