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Real-Time Economic Events Calendar will allow you to select only the desired events in the economic life of the world and sort them by importance and possible impact on the exchange rate of a currency.

The weekly US Crude Oil Inventories measure the weekly change in the number of barrels of commercial crude oil held by US firms, with an influence on the price of petroleum products and on inflation. 

CPI is used as a measure of inflation, as it reports price changes in over categories.

How to use international economic calendar 

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Since there is less liquidity during the Asian session we suggest only trading a few times per month with trends that are early in the cycle on the larger time frames like the H4, D1 and W1. Example Forex News Trades If you choose to trade forex news drivers with no other guidance, we believe that would be a big mistake, and basically you would be gambling. Also it is not necessary to do this. When you trade forex news you should always know the condition of the overall market, and the currencies you are trading.

You should know the direction of the trend, have a great set of alerts and indicators, and have a clear possibility of movement based on support and resistance. Trading in the direction if the major trends or near the beginning of a trend cycle is also a great addition to trading with the news. We make all of this information available to traders with our trading system.

Always perform a rigorous analysis of 28 currency pairs across multiple time frames and set your trading plans, the forex news check is a final check to see if volatile news drivers could potentially drive a pair in the direction of the trend.

In the example below there was a New Zealand Dollar news driver on the forex news calendar. Having a tool like this along with the news can turn news trading into a profitable venture.

NZD news drivers occur throughout the month in the Asian trading session, week after week. On the first Friday of each month is the regularly scheduled non-farm payrolls employment news from the USA. On these days we suggest trading after the news driver because most of the market stalls ahead of this news driver. In the event you see a solid set of trading signals develop a couple of hours ahead of this news driver, and you decide to enter a trade, just make sure you set your stops to break even ahead of the NFP news driver.

An example non farm payrolls news driver is shown on the calendar below. We have seen some traders and websites suggest that trading the NFP news driver is too risky. We disagree, if the charts and signals are good we advise looking to enter trades after the NFP news driver. We have developed a guide to trading non farm payrolls. Also once per month the FOMC meeting minutes news driver is scheduled on the USD news calendar, and it is also possible to enter trades after this news driver, if the market is consolidating ahead of the news.

Actual News Versus Forecast News On the news calendar next to each scheduled news item is the predicted or projected outcome of the news. So the projected numbers might be wrong but if you use all of the trading tools available to you in our trading system you can still pocket pips after the news.

In this case knowing the time of the news is more important than the projected outcome, because many times the results are unknown. Unexpected Forex News The main topic of this article is how to use scheduled forex news drivers to benefit forex traders. But sometimes the currency market starts to move unexpectedly for an unknown reason. This could be due to unexpected forex trading news of some kind, not on the calendar.

It could also be some political event or terrorist activity. If the market is moving and there is no scheduled news, look for breaking or unexpected news on any real time forex news website. If traders leverage our trading plans and all of our alert systems, you can detect when the market is moving for almost any reason, including unexpected news events.

Incorporating forex news into your trading program is a wise move. Employment Cost Index ECI A quarterly economic series that indicates the rising and falling tendencies in employment costs. It measures inflation in salaries, wages and employer-paid benefits in the US. Gross Domestic Product GDP It indicates the economic growth of a country, and it is determined by product output, income and expenditure.

GDB is often correlated with the living standard. It is the market value of all services and goods produced in a country during a certain time period.

Gross Domestic Product Deflator A measure of price levels for all goods and services in an economy. The use of the deflator helps you calculate the difference between nominal and real GDP. Industrial Production IP An indicator for the changes in output in the industrial sector e. It indicates the industrial capacity of a country. The IPCU encourages buying or selling in certain industries.

International Trade trade balance It measures the difference imports vs exports of all goods and services. Changes in imports and exports, together with the level of the international trade balance, indicate market trends.

It provides assessment of the current and upcoming economic climate in Germany and Europe. It sums up the survey of over companies in all US states, and it calculates data of production, new orders, and employment.

It is also used to forecast future levels of economic activity. Producer Price Index PPI A frequently used economic indicator that measures the average changes in selling prices received by domestic producers in manufacturing, mining, electric utility, and agriculture. PMI over 50 usually indicates an expanding economy, while anything below 50 indicates economic contraction.

As a timely indicator of broad consumer spending patterns, it can be used to assess the immediate direction of an economy.



Extensive global economic calendar providing dates, times and results of upcoming and past reports that impact world economies. Designed with an eye for the needs of online forex trading, but of interest to a wide range of speculators, traders, and others interested in global economic conditions.

The fast-updating Economic Calendar covers all important events and releases that affect the forex market. The calendar is timely, interactive, & customizable. We use a range of cookies to give you the best possible browsing experience. Extensive global economic calendar for July 18, providing dates, times and results of upcoming and past reports that impact world economies. Designed with an eye for the needs of online forex. 

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