Gator is already included in the calculations. 

These trading robots can be safely attributed to the number of technical analysis tools because they reflect the current market situation.


Download Free Forex MT4 metatrader 4 Indicators Collection. More than Various advanced Type MT4 Indicators available. For example, Bill Williams' indicators and likes of it. All of them are characterized by different parameters of reliability, efficiency, lagging and others. There are more than indicators for technical analysis.

Arrows of the indicator define the found fractals and do not repaint. The Alligator indicator is usually used with default settings, but allows customization. Use of the strategy in trading Strategy can be used in two ways. Option of the Williams fractal strategy without the Alligator is more risky You can trade on any currency pair with an average volatility, desirably with a penchant for sustainable trends: We perform analysis at the opening of the current day on the chart D1: If the up fractal formed, we open a deal to sell at the opening of the day, if the lower one — to buy.

You can open with the market or set pending orders: Stops and take-profits in this case are generally not used; at the end of the day the deals are closed manually, but if a new fractal is not formed the trend continues , it is possible to hold the deal or enter again.

Stop is still recommended to set behind the level of the key fractal. Please keep in mind that candles after the key bar shall not be taken into account, because at the time of appearance of the indicator arrow they have to be closed, i. This strategy needs a serious deposit. Control of transactions before the night session is required. So, the strategy gives a signal to open a position to buy if: We place a BuyStop order points above the closing price of the candle that formed the fractal.

Close the deal at the reverse of the price breakthrough of the Alligator red line downwards and closure of the candle below it , or by take-profit. Conditions for opening a position to sell: We place a SellStop order points below the closing price of the candle that formed the lower fractal.

Close the deal at the reverse of the price breakthrough of the Alligator red line upwards and closure of the candle above it , or by take-profit. You can also close the deal at the formation of closed candle in the opposite direction. Stop-loss by this procedure is set at the most remote extreme of the last two opposite fractals: The transaction at the breakthrough of the fractal upwards opens only if the fractal is above the Alligator's Teeth, the transaction to sell — if below the Alligator's Teeth.

If the Alligator lines are intertwined, i. The longer the period of consolidation, the stronger the subsequent movement — you can set the pending orders on the breakthrough beyond the boundaries of small fractals.

If you are looking for the entrance to the short position then the green bar should be replaced by the red one. Please look carefully at the histogram. For example, you see that the bars have made 2 pikes between which there is a hollow and all this is situated above zero. So if the second pike from left to the right is closer to the zero line than the first one this is a signal to sell. It is similarly with the signal to buy you are looking for 2 pikes under the zero line and the last one should be closer to this line.

If you are buying when Awesome Oscillator was above zero and selling when it is under zero then it is the only signal when you perform in the opposite way. At this moment you are likely to watch a divergence. For example, you see that the bars are coming up but Awesome Oscillator is conversely coming closer to the zero line this means that the fifth wave Elliott waves and now the price will be corrected, i.

Working according to the concept of Bill Williams you should remember that the first signal to any actions is a filled fractal five bars outside the Alligators jaws. After its actuation execution of the placed pending order you start to look for signals from other measurements. And don't forget the most important you should buy only when the bar is green and sell when it is red. And also watch the histogram because before the pending order opens the opposite signal can appear any time and the situation will become unclear.



Bill Williams' approach to trading the markets has become popular in recent years. Bill Williams' Indicators.

Bill Williams is a well-known trader and technical analyst who invented a number of popular indicators in MT4, including the Alligator Indicator. Bill Williams Indicators were designed by legendary trader Bill Williams as he developed his trading strategy. Learn how to use the MT4 / 5 WebTerminal;. 

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Introducing the Indicator

Bill Williams Indicators are included in each terminal and are basic elements of technical analysis of the forex market, based on the strategy of Bill Williams. This indicator throws visual and verbose buy/sell signals according to Bill Williams Trading Bill Williams ATZ indicator – indicator for mt4 indicators.

Bill Williams' Indicators are included into a separate group, because they are part of the trading system described in his - Bill Williams' Indicators - Technical Indicators - . This indicator throws visual and verbose buy/sell signals according to Bill Williams Trading MT4 Indicators Download below: Bill Williams ATZ indicator. Post.

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