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We probably didn't even need to do that if we wanted to just hack something and keep it simple, but we felt it was a good step to show that Dollar a Day was truly not-for-profit. Since we were not a c 3 when we launched this takes time and paperwork, as it allows you to offer direct US tax-deductions to donors we used a company called Network For Good to process all donations.

They're a payments processor for nonprofits, and by using them, donations were US tax-deductible even though Dollar a Day was not yet a c3. It's a solid nonprofits payments solution to get going without dealing with handling money directly.

Months later we received our c3 status, so we decided to switch to Stripe another great payments product to have a bit more control over the user experience of checkout and emails donors received. From then, we'd be receiving funds from Stripe and mail out checks to nonprofits every few weeks. We had a friendly law firm help us pro-bono on the c3 application. If you have a friend who's a lawyer maybe they or their firm might help with this.

But there are different ways you can structure what you're doing. And if you use something like Network for Good, you may need to create very little structure, if any, to get going.

Product Design and features. The world is your oyster! Keep it similar to Dollar a Day and just add your own voice and nonprofits, or adapt Dollar a Day to something new. Here are some of the ideas we had: A "Give More" option in the daily newsletter for when donors were inspired to make one-off donations more than a dollar, build partnerships with like-minded organizations to spread the word, write and post more content from nonprofits and thoughtful posts on the nonprofit world, build ways for people to explore our growing nonprofit database — this could have been another gateway for people to discover nonprofits online.

And if we wanted to get really start doing new things about it, there could be a sister app — something Pandora-like — which anyone could use to quickly discover new nonprofits based on their interests and location. There are so many ways to go beyond or deftly simplify what we were able to do. Also lots of ways to approach this. Maybe you have a big community that you can tap into to get it rolling, and it can build on that — a university, a company, a town, or any other community that can form around something.

This can be your base community or it can exist just for this group. It doesn't have to be about building the largest site in the world as long as you're helping great nonprofits: It's been a great ride: This has been an amazing experience. We've heard from so many people who've volunteered and donated directly to organizations they discovered through Dollar a Day.

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