It has definitely been useful in acquiring more clients. 

It is a job that supports my family and a job I enjoy. But this Expert Rating is a really good start though.


Some ExpertRating Fitness Trainer Testimonials & Reviews Trainer names, gym names and addresses have been removed for privacy reasons.

Is Expert Rating a "Real" Certification? Anonymous I've answered my own question but you can decide for yourself as well. Yes in that it's called a "certification". However, they take adavantage of the fact that there is not a governing body or standards for Personal Trainer certification.

Basically I can make a test and call it good Expert Rating primarily based in India is a company that makes "learning" exams. They are ISO certified with respect to documentation and procedures. ISO Certifed means nothing with respect to being recognized or an actually "certifying" entity. Do they have study materials and a "certification" exam? Probably not if you want to say you are "certified" to start a private business but clubs may turn you down.

You may also pay more for insurance as Expert Rating is not a recognized entity. Meaning that you will be insured as NON-Certified. This is only if they ask. Lastly there may be issues with legal matters if someone decides to sue you for negligence or misrepresentation. So you decide are they real or not? I was told that I have to get a PT certification as well so I can work here. I need to know if I can only get a online certification since I alredy have a degree, and if a certification like a ExperRating would be enough to help me get a job in big gym or anywhere.

I've been missing lots of opportunities because I don't have a certification but seriously, I don't want to spend money and time doing everything again. Anybody know any fast and trustful way to get this certification ASAP?

Good luck with the resulting lawsuits by: Anonymous I can't believe anyone would even consider this certification.

Sorry to sound condescending, but this cert is ridiculous. You may get a job at "Average Joes" gym, but what happens when you want to expand your horizons elsewhere? Rusty Shackelfor I am enrolled in this program and am no impressed at all! Misspellings, typing errors, false information, and outdated workout plans and routines. If you are a person excited about a new career in PT and really want to learn do not take this course!! If you do make it in the field and hope to get out of the small gym that if your really lucky you could get into with this cert, you will have to unlearn half of what it teaches you.

The workout plans are not practical and go against everything you would see in current exercis related magazines. Plus the program looks like it was designed by high school students! They also literally offer no help!! You will be left to guess if how your taking the small amount of information they give on crucial topics is correct or not. If your goal is to get into a small gym with low pay and never move up in the field then you may be able to achieve that with this cert.

I strongly say to avoid this and not waster your time, save up a little more money and do a real course. It can get you a job by: MJ A big name gym allows you to start off with this cert and within 90 days of employment you have to get one of the more nationally recognized ones. Lastly you have to have the type of motivating personality to gain admiration from clients which will turn into money in your pocket ExpertRating is More Than Fine by: Allen I think I've gotyou all beat. OK, I'll be humble.

Every Soldier learns everything that all of those Certs combined offer - and then some. When a soldier becomes a Sergeant - he has to learn to teach all of this stuff.

That's when you start to realize that all that boring 6th grade and 8th grade biology you didn't pay attention to in school was actually useful. We have all learned this information before - now we get paid for using it to help people.

Waste of money by: Michael Schmid Simply put, most health clubs won't recognize the certification. There is no requirement to recertify, if you choose to do so, you pay a fee and answer a short questionaire about your work experience. There is NO continuing education requirement, something that ALL accredited certifying agencies require.

Would you put the health and safety of a loved one in the hands of someone who isnt required to keep "up to speed" on the changes in the industry? Anonymous I just took it about a week ago.

I'm volunteer at the ymca, And now i am getting hired as a Personal trainer through the y. I can honestly say this certification has opened some doors for me.. But hey its just my opinion, its 70 dollars to do this; but in the end its only good as you make of it. Keep in mind i am going for my cert through NASM too. But this Expert Rating is a really good start though. Darden I def think you should go with it. Its not how much you pay that makes you good, its your passion and commitment.

I am doing excelent as a personal trainer because i am passionate about what i do. It also helps to study a little extra though. My carreer as a boxer and now mixed martial artist when i have time makes me veary knowledgesble on nutrition and fitness which helps. Expert Rating PT by: Bill K The course has useful information. Easy to follow online class book with video demonstrations. Someone said this in this thread. Surprise They make their money on training They are all jumping on the 24 hr fitness bandwagon Pay the trainers next to nothing La Fitness has a Trainer Sales team that sells training Golds is moving to this platfourm The only way to make money as a trainer is to work as an independent trainer at a small gym or several small gyms To build a clientele.

They rotate trainers every 2 weeks They tell members that changing trainers every 2 weeks is a good thing. That it is necessary to change your work out program every 2 weeks. That is the quickest way to injuries. As a trainer you should visit gyms as a prospective member Calling members on the phone etc Releases help but are not perfect.

Kimo Anything said about Expert Training can be said about all other Certs. I have been involved in Training for over 50 years. Am not at all happy with NFPT anymore. My experience with the more well known Certifications is this: It is more about the organization then it is you. They are a business and are going to find ways to keep making money off you. My opinion is that they all are about the same. Find one you like. Do the darn thing by: Dont let the price throw your mind in curve After reading some of these other threads im sorta suprised that smaller gyms willingly accept these certs.

This will make a great foundation as you may continue your education as a personal trainer down the road thru other certs. Legality of certification by: Damain Recently I have been looking into certifications as I plan to lean my martial arts business more towards fitness and commercial gyms. It seems that in the end, there is no legal difference between ACE, Expert rating, or any of the other alphabet certificates.

If someone can find me a resource proving there is a higher legal legitimacy and value between any of these private organizations please let me know. However after the last few days of my research I am considering this free cert I found at http: Personal Trainer Certification I have taught tumbling for a number of years and this past year i have used my certification not only to help my students, but myself reach fitness goals.

I have been able to apply the things that i have learned to encourage and motivate my students by helping them more effectively improve. It has helped me train the gymnastics team so as to perform certain lifts and throws that require a person to be in top condition. Yes, It has not only ensured a higher pay but job security, showing that i am willing to go the extra mile to ensure physical conditioning to those of whom i am employed.

Pilates Certification I have worked at 3 gyms in our area. As of a couple of days ago I am no longer giving classes at any of these gyms or facilities and am looking for new employment. I do personal sessions with 4 individuals as well.

These personal sessions are on going. It has helped by giving me information and the confidence needed to pursue my own pilates business. The certification has helped me open doors that otherwise would not have been accessible to me. Without this certification, I would not of been able to work at any of the gyms or to start giving private lessons.

Aerobics Certification group Pilates instructor 3x-5x a week I come from 30 years of living a fitness lifestyle. Certification allows me to market myself within the fitness community. I have been extremely fortunate as to having potential jobs approach me. However,as I grow as an instructor and trainer my certification through ExpertRating can only help my career.

Personal Trainer Certification I teach tumbling to children. I have reached personal goals of fitness and health with the knowledge of how to effectively use my own work out time. It has granted a pay increase in the current job that i have and I expect to see a continuation of this benefit as I continue with the Expert Rating Certifications.

Pilates Certification I became a personal pilates trainer and a business owner. I have had the opportunity to refer to my manual on several occasions when needed. I have my certificate hanging in my Studio for all to see. My ExpertRating certificate hangs in my studio next to other certificates I have earned towards pilates training and I am feel confident with what I was able to learn and test on thru your program.

Aerobics Certification Regular teaching of spin classes and some aerobic classes It has enhanced my knowledge about limits and safety. I then moved to Beaufort, South Carolina and worked at another Health and Fitness club as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer for 6 months.

I have recently moved back to Rome where I am currently employed as an aerobics instructor. All the clubs I have worked for required a certification.

Personal Trainer Certification I have been working with multiple clients on a daily basis. I have designed custom workout programs for each of them. Over the past year I have worked with approximately 30 different clients all of which workout about 2 days per week with me. The certification has helped me in the fact that I have something to show to people who may be wary of working with just anybody. It shows them that I take what I do seriously.

I pick up most of my business through my sphere of influence. However, the expert rating certification has an effect on clients and helps to ensure them that they are getting professional help. I have trained approximately employees over the past 8 months. It has helped me to get many employees fit and healthy I'm already an RN, but it helps me when offering personal training on-site. Excellent, I have been working at the same place for over one year now.

Personal Trainer Certification It has helped me operate my own personal training gym for the past couple of years. It has been a great asset to go along with my college education and previous work experience to help me specialize in sports specific strength and conditioning as well as general personal training. My business has been great over the last several years. Most of my clients seek my services to help them improve their sport. I also specialize in functional strength and conditioning as it pertains to peoples daily weight loss, aerobic conditioning, strength training, etc It has helped my with getting people in the door to see what your all about.

I believe once they see that you have been through the certification process it puts their mind at ease and then once they work with you they see that you are knowledgeable about the service you are providing. I operate my own gym, however since I am certified and have a successful business, I have business people try to purchase my business. Yoga Certification Pilates Certification I work at two different local gyms teaching Yoga and Pilates atleast 4 times a week.

It taught me all the skills that I needed to know for the job It has made me more confident. I have my own in-home studio and train clients a week 2- 3 times a week. I train them in the areas of cardiovascular, weight training, dynamic strength training and speed and agility.

It has helped me to establish my credibility and to not just act the role of a personal trainer but to actually prove it. I haven't sought after jobs. Once I advertised people came to me and I I have my training certification framed and displayed for the public to see. Personal Trainer Certification Run Speed and agility clinics and in-home workouts. It keeps my business going I created my company and clients. The certification gives me credibility Personal Trainer Certification I train members one on one in a gym, I also answer questions and assess with member orientations.

I teach group fitness classes as well. I attained my employment at my job, and continue to be a knowledgeable trainer. I was employed at the time or receiving my ExpertRating certification. Yoga Certification I teach a weekly Yoga class every Wednesday from 7: Honestly, I am part owner of the Yoga studio, so I didn't need help in finding a job.

Personal Trainer Certification I am a firefighter and the knowledge helps me train better. I also teach two other classes per week at my church. It has given me the knowledge I needed to get started in the fitness field. The course was well-rounded; covering all areas of the job, as well as helping me to start my own personal training business if I should choose to do so.

I needed a certification to work at my gym, and my ExpertRating Cert was perfect for the job. Personal Trainer Certification I am currently the Senior Personal Trainer at a local Gym I work fulltime as a trainer and I currently and most of the time have a full workload approximately 35 hours of actual training a week.

It has helped in that it seems to make me the expert at the gym and clients seem to respect the title and customers and people in general seek me out to assist them with knowledge and know-how from my knowledge received as a result of my studies for the personal certification My certification was the main reason I got this job at main street gym my employer liked the ease in which expertrating can see my score and they feel that I received quality knowledge from expertrating Personal Trainer Certification Because I received new information with this certification, my training improved greatly.

I became an even better trainer than I already was. I am a personal trainer just as I was before I have become better than ever. I have not had to look for a new training job. Sports Nutrition Certification Personal Trainer Certification Designing Personal Fitness programs to a wide range of clientele to help increase strength, power, speed, function, cardiovascular and confidence.

Training 25 to 30 sessions weekly and consulting clients on sports nutrition as well. They have increased my knowledge of fitness and wellness that I have been able to teach to my clients. Already had the job. Looked to Expert Training to Certify myself after my previous cert. Personal Trainer Certification I have applied for positions in the private sector, and have been considered for several positions.

I am currently working at a privately owned gym. This certification has allowed me to train people in an elite area of Atlanta, I have also been able to begin training clients in their homes. I have also trained a group of parents in my son's theater group. This certification has allowed me to be able to apply for jobs that are requiring you to be certified. Personal Trainer Certification Sports Nutrition Certification I have been working as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor.

I have several clients that are seeing good results. Personal Trainer Certification I teach physical therapy patients how to do the exercises assigned by their therapists, instructing on proper form, increasing weights over time or advancing the exercises as appropriate for a more challenging workout.

I also suggest exercises for various muscle groups, such as low back, shoulder, etc. I was able to pick up some new exercises to work a specific muscle group that might work better than another one I had previously known for a patient who might not be able to position himself in a certain way. For example, a patient who cannot kneel on a bench for a triceps kickback can try laying on his back with a weight bar over his head.

Having several alternatives to working the same muscle makes each patient able to get a good workout. I also was able to get a significant raise after obtaining my certification. While applying for jobs I have had an added advantage of being able to list my personal trainer certification under additional education or experience.

I have picked up a job at the University of Michigan Flint as a fitness instructor and will be able to pick up clients for personal training as opportunities come along. Personal Trainer Certification Personal Trainer for gym franchise, work as an independent contractor.

It has afforded me the opportunity to be recognized as a legit. I have years of experience, just need a certificate. It allowed me to get insurance to work as an independent contractor by being certified Personal Trainer Certification Personal Trainer for Government Agency It has helped tremendously. I have a job Yoga Certification I have taught yoga as a private instructor and will begin again in September and as a classroom instructor. The certification was required for my legibility to teach as well as validates my skills to those who I privately instruct.

Being certified itself is helpful because you must be in order to instruct. Personal Trainer Certification I have worked for a leading gym and a private training company since obtaining my certification. And now have gone into business for myself and started my own Personal Training company. It has given me the knowledge and skills necessary to provide my clients with the best training possible. It has helped because you need to be certified to work at most gyms, and it gives you validation when obtaining private clients.

My certification has helped get me a job that wasn't even related to training. Personal Trainer Certification I have my own personal training business. I have been training 9 clients a week.

I have more confidence being able to tell people that I am certified. People want to know that you have taken the time to obtain certification and that education and knowledge are important to you. It gave me the confidence to start my own business, which has been successful! Where I manage a 6, sq. Did not change jobs - with same company even after getting my certificcation Personal Trainer Certification I have trained athletes focusing on diets, speed, agility, strength. I also have done charity work for youth centers, providing free training services.

Yes, is has enabled me to establish independent training athlete performance services, as well as increase my own daily exercise routines. Personal Trainer Certification I mainly work as a Personal fitness trainer working one on one with my clientele I also write a fitness column for a local newspaper.

All of the instructors at the gym have to be certified, for insurance purposes, so with out the certification, I wouldn't be allowed to teach. I actually already was teaching before I became certified, but if I ever look elsewhere to teach, the certification will help.

Yoga Certification I needed to be certified in order to have the legitimacy to teach yoga benefits. As I mentioned, I needed to be certified. Personal Trainer Certification One-on-one personal training based upon my clients goals. Designing programs to strike the balance between weight loss, nutrition, and motivational support.

I have found it to be very beneficial. It has enabled me to grow as a trainer in the personal fitness industry. Certifications are very important to have and continue to update on a regular basis.

The certification has made it possible to achieve my goals in a short period of time. Expertrating Rating has also allowed to me focus on advertisment which is very important in the peronal training industry. Pilates Certification I am employed with a independently owned fitness club in the suburbs of Pittsburgh PA. I am 1 of 3 aerobic instructors and the only Pilates instructor. I teach 3 pilates classes per week. I use the mat format and the stability ball.

My classes run a bout minutes in length. I have volunteered my expertise at some local fitness shows and am thoroughly enjoying the experiences. Our former pilates instructor was one of the best and I try very hard to keep up to the standard of fitness she started when she brought Pilates to our gym. With my certification I feel more confident with the current and new members of our facility. They can see that I am dedicated to providing them with the best fitness workout I can and I individualize it to their needs.

Having a certification has provided me the opportunity to prove to my employer, clients and community that I have taken the time to research, study and test on this subject and that I will continue to provide them with the best quality workout I can.

Yoga Certification I am teaching beginning yoga based on Iyengar system in an Academy 2 day per week from November till present time. I also give private classes to years old girl, who needs to develop flexibility and prevent back problems due to her intensive violin practices.

I feel self confident and legal teaching and also it motivates me to work constantly on development of my classes Thank you,- it's good to be official Personal Trainer Certification Its been an easy tool that keeps me fresh when it comes to p. I never used it for that. I worked with all types of clients, from weight loss to weight gain. I was FT at the gym and Booked majority of the time!

It was good to be able to present a cert. Expert Rating verifys that I am a professional trainer! I was hired already by the gym, Just needed my Cert. Providing one-on-one instruction for overweight and stressed-out individuals in an atmosphere that is peaceful and healing.

ExpertRating has been instrumental in helping me to obtain a reliable clientele due to the coursework materials pertaining to Yoga and the health benefits of it. I was accepted immediately upon revealing certification information. Pilates Certification Teaches 2 classes a week of Pilates and have also taught private lessons. Have been teaching since i received my certification.

Have also received certification through a weekend workshop. The knowledge I gained from your booklet and test has helped prepare me for the class. I have multiple level classes and the modification come in handy. All the fitness instructors at our gym are required to have certification in their fields and if not for mine , i couldn't work here. Self Employed, prescribing workout routines, basic nutrition. The quality of the manual has helped me understand how to run a business, and keep clients happy with there workouts.

The first job I went to I got, Enough said: First Aid Certification Culinary Arts Instructor Being able to respond in the proper fashion in a kitchen emergency; knife cut, fainting, heat stroke, slip and fall, etc. Notation has always been made by employer giving a congratulations on being certified just in case of an emergency. Maintain a client base of clients at any given time. Work hours per week. It has given a base to work from, and has helped me as questions have arisen. I have been conducting private consulting services, self employed.

It has shown my clients that I am educated in the field I am working and it helps gain their confidence.


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Mar 05,  · I was also checking into for some certifications. I've found that it is a legitimate webside with low quality or out of date information. Also, they charge by the "session."Status: Resolved. ExpertRating Solutions has received out of 5 stars based on 9 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of F. Comprised of 67% BBB Rating and 33% Customer Review Rating. The BBB Customer Review Rating represents /5(9).

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