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The more of a demand the item will be but the difference between weapons and armor is a lot armor will always be higher since its a harder drop and has more demand.

You will be able to make the items you need with no need to log in and out of characters. This add's up quickly normally you can expect if you do not spend any money on gear till you hit 60 with quests alone you should have 10k gold without the gold buff but with it should be closer to 20k gold this means every new character you level to 60 will end up with near to that much if you don't waste money on buying gear and farm everything yourself. 

Miscellaneous Strategies TERA offers a great many ways to make your fortune and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The current nexus times are:

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Gold making guide? Dragano. May in Hey I was wondering if any one had some effective and up to date ways of making gold I've been away from TERA for a while and that game has changed a lot I used to craft items and sell them in the brokerage and I'm sure that the market for items has changed it brought me and decent amount of gold.

Hello guys.. I was never familiar with how to make money in this game But now I'm playing it again and really want to learn this, so I can buy the items I long for.. so back to the question: How do I make money in Tera?? If there is a guide or. If you're willing to semi-afk near a broker for a day you can make hundreds of k easily. There's no point even monopolizing, spread is far more effective in TERA because of the profit margins and supply/demand. 

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That's about it I think, again, there are plenty of guides that are a lot better than what I just wrote and heck there may be some secrets to making money in TERA after all, but being a dick seems to be working for now. interact with vendor You gain money in TERA by completing some of the quests (some of them have no monetary reward associated with them), killing mobs and looting their corpses, selling excess Guide:New player guide/Obtaining wealth | TERA Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia.

Crafting weapons is steady and pretty easy money since people always want to gear up quickly, weapons are a pain to farm from dungeons, and with the new gunner class business is booming. I'm having a really hard time to get some money for myself. I've used to do ALL dungeons and I used to get around k a day. But since the last update, I have focused on getting the latest PVP g.

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