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It was revealed that this was not the first time that Fountain Head had pulled this stunt. In fact, all clients that we spoke to were suffering from the same disappointment and agony from Fountain Head's nonperformance that we were. It is quite puzzling to me why the author of this report never once mentioned Fountain Head or the discoveries therof.

Alliance did not require any additional engagement from any of the clients involved with Fountain Head and agreed to allow the clients the opportunity to bring forth a viable lender, which was the client's responsibility from day one. After determining that my group did not have sufficient banking relationships, we were offered and received our full engagement.

Canaday also offered to provide any assistance we needed which we took full advantage of. Canaday gratitude as my team really leaned on his knowledge base to structure all aspects of the fund. I would call him all times of the night and never would he not entertain the call as he knew we were interacting with parties overseas and had to have details readily available. This doesn't sound like the person the author of this report is attempting to describe.

This was the lie that Fountain Head told the clients to divert attention away from them. Furthermore, the two state cases which were civil cases were sucessfully resolved showing no wrong doing on Mr. In fact, it turned out to be parties that did not even have a direct relationship with Mr. Canaday's firm and had only been told of Mr. Canaday by third parites.

Williams was named interim CEO of the firm while Mr. Canaday attended school fulltime studying finance. I made it very clear that I did not want and could not live in a water-damaged building.

I did verbally ask about any water issues because of a severe mold sensitivity. I was told no knowledge of any leaks ever during the time the Seller owned it the previous 15 years before my purchase.

The HOA, after I had water gushing down the walls immediately after I bought it, said that the leaking had been ongoing after a botched roofing job a couple years prior to me buying it. They at first denied any knowledge; then the seller admitted in an e-mail to me that she knew of the roof leaks but the drywall company had "fixed" it. I ended up having to abandon the place less than a year after buying it, and wasn't even able to sell it because of that.

Plus I pulled up adhesive carpeting in the basement that revealed severe foundation damages which caused a potential buyer to cancel his offer when I tried to sell it adhesive carpet was covering a wide, caulked gash in basement floor from wall to wall.

On the RECR I received in , they did indicate that there were some cracks in the walls of the basement but they had been checked and were not a foundation issue. I had a total of five foundation experts check it out and they told a completely different story after a sale was canceled when I tried to sell it. The Real Estate Condition Report I received in , did not say anything about this very wide cracked, caulked basement floor which was concealed by adhesive carpet tiles, just some cracks in the walls seller left the carpet tile box with a PO dated for timeframe of putting it on the market.

This was clearly a very distressed property that failed to sell the previous year in , with the faulty roof disclosed, so everything was hid and not disclosed to me in ; plus, questions were not answered about the property or intentionally lied about.


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Brokers Alliance is a solid company that has been around forever and made up of longterm employees and what was turn over came from a sister company of Brokers Alliance, not Brokers Alliance. Management values their employees and /5(10). Brokers Alliance will stop at nothing to be the most cutting edge company of its kind and works to make its staff feel valued and important. I sincerely hope that prospective /5(10). 

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Glassdoor has 3 Alliance Brokers & Consultants reviews submitted anonymously by Alliance Brokers & Consultants employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on /5(3). Joann Spano Bush reviewed Brokers Alliance, Inc. — 5 star · April 14, · Everyone has been very helpful, but most importantly, they are a pleasure to work with/5(10).

First to Review Brokers Alliance is located in a stunning building with multiple offices owned and managed by the owner of Brokers Alliance, David Racich. David is a meticulous and innovative business owner and manager, having been recognized by the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.5/5(1). Brokers Alliance 's Reputation Score Is 52%, Which Is Average%(13).

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