If you strive to be with the best, then FxPro is a great choice. 

There is also a public beta API available from within the platform. A pending order is an instruction to open a position when an instrument reaches a certain price pre-defined by you.

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FXPro Customers Note: They currently halt trading for 5 minutes each night at midnight (Cyprus Time), as this is the time that the daily trading .

Pending orders You can easily earn and stop losing. This can be attuned instantly at the chart when you use the drag and drop options that may be visible when you use your mouse at the open position on the chart.

You can also do this when you put the order at the place of the new order tab. There is no need to work on it manually, You can just use the stop loss and the get profit options and then the others will be canceled in an automated manner.

But you need to be very careful, since you do not want to commit any mistakes at all. All of the pending orders can be found easily at the chart, there is no need to worry, because you can simply monitor the orders and every transactions there may be.

Charting The tools meant for charting are definitely simple to use. There is no problem about detaching the charts on its own distinct window just outside of the Platform. It is because of its neatness that can be detached on the task-bar at the bottom most part of the platform. Every chart has its own color settings which can be easily altered from the usual red and green on a background of black and it can be easily personalized depending on how you like it.

Whenever you open up a new chart, the color settings will start with the default view. If you want a special color for your page, you can change it through the charts that you will open up. When you shut the platform down, it will open up exactly just as you closed it. In terms of the charts, you can easily use them to enjoy the platform.

The cTrader has a multichart system, free and single charts too. You can check the charts, they are arranged in a neat manner. You can easily attach or disconnect a chart to a different window just outside of the PF. This is a very simple manner and that is because detaching the chart can make its own tab at the taskbar of the screen. Every chart has a color setting which can be altered from the typical green and red colors with a black background. You can just personalize it the way you wanted.

But be sure that you check on the color settings, since it will always starts with a default page every time you open a new chart.

The platform will open the page the way you have closed it, so there is no need to worry that any unsaved changes will be removed. Trading When it comes to trader, cTrader has been checked through the demo account.

Those who have tested it for special executions find it easy and simple to use. This is so, because the platform is especially meant with the ECN brokers, that means you can just expect the fair and very simple execution that will be an advantage on your part.

When it comes to trader, there is a demo account that can be used. It is just so simple to use. Since the Pf was made to be used with the ECN brokers, you just have to expect that there will be a similar execution, which is actually an advantage on the part of the user. It will give you a real market work up which is good in the first place. Some special features The Pf was made to be used by the brokers without the no dealing desk or even real market trading.

That means that when you buy and sell any form of instrument, you will make a trade with a true counter party. There are various features being offered by the Pf to make sure that this will be put into practice for those who are interested. Features The platform was made for the brokers to use and it actually offer no dealing desk, but real marketing trading only. This is so for the buy and sell of the instruments to be simple and real when it comes to counter party. To be able to work in this type of market in a more efficient manner, the platforms actually offers some special property that a lot of traders will surely like.

In fact, there are some added features that makes it even better its counterpart which is the MetaTrader. The cons The only down side of the platform is that you cannot see the stop from the orders tab at the left part of the screen. Even if it is not inconvenient to start with, still it is not that visible to the user. The downside For everything there is good and bad side, for the cTrader, there is a downside which is just minimal compared to the other PFs. It is just that you cannot enter a stop order from the orders option on the screen, but of course you need to use the right click to be able to stop the order from taking place.

It is not a real hassle unless of course, you are actually merging order kinds and just watching the extent of the market. Decision In the view of an active trader, this will be simpler to use and flexible too when compared to MT4 or any other PF online.

It is simple to use and there is no eyesore to catch your interest. The visuals are very sleek and you can just see that the company has invested time and energy in making it the way it is now. Final word In the eyes of a trader, the platform is just so easy to use.

It is also flexible when it compared with MetaTrader4 or any other kind of platform that functions just the same. There is also a public beta API available from within the platform. Overall, the range of tools and available customizations, including the way margin is calculated and how margin calls are handled when trades are closed out due to insufficient margin , help make the cTrader platform versatile.

To trade algorithmically on cTrader, users must either use the desktop version of cTrader or separately install the cAlgo desktop software for Windows where cBots can be enabled for automated trading. One feature that has helped contribute to the increasing number of traders using cAlgo for automated trading is that those who have trading systems from other platforms, such as the popular MetaTrader 4 MT4 trading software, can convert the source code of their EAs from the MQL language to C format for use with cAlgo using the MQ4 to C converter tool.

Of course, not all traders who have EAs also have access to the source code, unless the EA is in MQ4 format, as EX4 files do not provide access to the source code. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that the platform is a close competitor to MetaTrader, as algorithmic trading is supported along with the ability to program custom indicators. One final note for algorithmic traders who need to have their platform running continuously for their cBots to remain active within the cAlgo or cTrader desktop platform, a Virtual Private Server VPS is often the preferred choice.

Using a VPS also potentially reduces latency as servers are often ideally located in data centers near major financial hubs such as London, New York and Tokyo, for example. However, cMirror is still new and has yet to attract a significant user base compared to other social copy-trading platforms available. For example, there are barely cBots available on cTDN and roughly double that number in terms of strategies on cMirror.

Nonetheless, if there is a signal provider that you wish to copy trade, cMirror is the solution to follow manual traders and those running cBots. Pros and Cons of cBots and Copy Trading Just are there are good and bad manually traded strategies, the same can be said for trading strategies that can be automated algorithmic driven , regardless of the trading platform used. Fortunately, cTrader provides the same range of tools for automated trading as it does for manual trading when it comes to risk management, including trailing stops and order types.


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FxPro cAlgo is the new automated trading software for cTrader Combining FxPro cAlgo with FxPro cTrader gives traders access to a wealth of essential functionality required for successful technical analysis and automated trading. Automatically place Buy or Sell orders using the algorithmic forex trading software.

cAlgo Algorithmic Trading cAlgo is an advanced algo and technical indicator coding application that allows you to create and build algorithmic trading strategies and custom indicators. cAlgo also features its own code editor, so you can create your own robots and test how they would have performed over historical data. FxPro cAlgo is the new automated trading software for cTrader Combining FxPro cAlgo with FxPro cTrader gives traders access to a wealth of essential functionality required for successful technical analysis and automated trading. 

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FxPro cAlgo — это программное обеспечение для алгоритмической торговли с использованием платформы FxPro cTrader. FxPro Group Limited is the holding company of FxPro Financial Services Ltd, FxPro UK Limited, FxPro Global Markets MENA Limited and FxPro Global Markets Ltd. FxPro .

FXPro Customers Note: They currently halt trading for 5 minutes each night at midnight (Cyprus Time), as this is the time that the daily trading . cAlgoはアルゴリズミックトレーディング戦略を作成し、指標をカスタマイズすることができる、高度なアルゴとテクニカル指標コーディング.

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