When is the Aussie Trade Balance, and how could it affect the AUD/USD?

If you will closely monitor the AUD pair along with the price of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, you will find many correlations.

Traders also ought to closely monitor the decisions of the Central Banks of Australia and United States. 

However, because this is a cross pair, you need to ensure you analyse both economies against each other.


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AUD/USD bears breach below double top neckline, bulls bounce back on hammer – Trade tunnel spread and short hedge: AUDUSD forms hanging man and hammer patterns at and levels respectively and the stiff resistance at and and strong support at areas are observed. The Australian Dollar represents the economy of Australia and is the fifth most commonly traded currency in the world. The Australian Dollar had a fixed exchange rate until . 

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Maybe you are not so familiar with the AUD/CAD pair, but you should know this is a great pair to trade. It is not only exciting because of its unusual features, but it can also be lucrative for you as a binary options trader. AUDUSD, aussie pair is a very great currency pair to trade in binary options. Its market price movements are mainly dependent on the commodity markets and also China’s economy. Its market price movements are mainly dependent on the commodity markets and also China’s economy.

In this webcast, Saxo's global sales trader James Kim runs through the events of the week ahead and give his thoughts on the positioning of S&P, Hang Seng, US Dollar Index, EURUSD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD. The Australian dollar also now plays an important role in the forex space. Because of the economy’s consistent strength, the Aussie is now the fifth most traded currency, playing a part in % off all FX trading. So, the Australian dollar plays a vital role in international commodities trading, as well as forex trading.

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