54# Dynamic Channel of Support and Resistance

You can see this on any time frame, from the 3min, to the 1hr to the dailies.

And we almost forgot! 

This is where I use the 20ema as an opportunity to get back in the trend when the trend has shown it is most likely to continue.


The first, and only dynamic support and resistance indicator in the world. Finally, on your MT4 platform, you will have an indicator that truly defines.

No more crude lines, or vague areas on the chart. Now everything is defined clearly and precisely. Whether you use the single lines for precision trading, or the clusters for longer term decision making — its all there — in one single indicator. And we almost forgot! Yes of course, you can configure this indicator to every instrument and every timeframe. Well the answer is very simple!

Every currency pair behaves slightly differently. They each have their own price characteristics which are then reflected in the price action, which in turn is reflected in the dynamic support and resistance levels. So, once again, we have included your fine control dial! Using the custom option, you can increase or decrease the number of lines and clusters on each chart, to suit your own trading style and approach. Some traders prefer more detail, others prefer less.

After all, your trading is personal to you. Your indicators should be personal too. Customise it to suit your trading style, the timeframe, and the instrument, and then watch you trading account grow — exponentially.

This powerful and simple concept lies at the heart of technical analysis. It forms the cornerstone of price action trading. Strange to consider therefore, that such a key component of the traders chart has largely been ignored. Most forex traders still draw their lines manually, leading to a crude interpretation of these key levels.

Even those companies who have developed a trading indicator, have developed an equally crude interpretation. Generally these appear as wide bands on the chart, indicating vague areas of congestion, with associated support and resistance bands.

These are virtually useless. They lack precision, or definition.


Complex Forex Trading Strategy 

The Quantum Dynamic Support & Resistance indicator is just that! Dynamic support and resistance in realtime. It’s unique in every way. Precise price levels to help you with take profit targets.

The first, and only dynamic support and resistance indicator in the world. Finally, on your MT4 platform, you will have an indicator that truly defines. Dynamic Support & Resistance Lines. Support & Resistance lines are not static. What was Support yesterday can become today’s resistance after a break below the previous support. 

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