For many, this is a foreign concept - and one which is is easily misunderstood - so I thought it might be interesting to take a little time to explain what we're doing. 

It can be used for the pages of non-profit organizations, charity causes, foundations, churches, and political organizations. Providing a low stress environment where they can be free from the cares and worries that often tear a family apart.

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The Center for Non-Profits and the Council of NJ Grantmakers are joining forces to ask you to support a nationwide campaign to help end the overhead myth - the misguided notion that the percentage of expenses spent on administration and overhead should be the sole criterion for judging the merits of a charity.

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A brief description of the disclosure and substantiation requirements for contributions to charitable organizations. Charities & Non-Profits Español (c)(3) Organizations Other Tax-Exempt Organizations Social Security Numbers State Tuition Organizations Affordable Care Act Information for. Charities & Non-Profits. Use the buttons on the left to view. all presentations in a specific category. All Presentations;. 

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For most charity and non-profit organizations, using WordPress as an online platform is a practical choice to get a decent and professional online presence. Free Community & Non-Profit Logos. Need a helping hand in designing a community logo or a non profit logo? GraphicSprings is here for you. We offer a wide selection of community and non profit logo design templates perfect for your volunteer program, charity, fundraiser, or community service organization.

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