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To provide information and training to outside agencies in the development and implementation of the San Jose Model of the Field Training and Evaluation Program.

We are not going to say yes because it is easier. Officer Zwemke read each of the 3, DORs and extracted 10, behavioral descriptions. 

Consider calling imaginary pursuits or coordinating radio traffic, as well. The validity of the priority status can also be verified at that stage, if it turns out that the priority was not validly claimed, e.

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The names of regulated persons in respect of the provision of financial services under the various Acts administered by MAS are listed on MAS' website in the Financial Institutions Directory. Why should consumers not deal with unregulated persons? Consumers seeking financial services are strongly encouraged to deal only with persons that are regulated by MAS. MAS' regulatory regime aims at safeguarding the interests of consumers by ensuring that only competent and professional persons may provide financial services.

The laws administered by MAS also require disclosure of information on investment products being recommended to consumers.

If a consumer chooses to deal with persons that are not regulated by MAS, he forgoes the protection afforded under laws administered by MAS, particularly if these persons are based overseas. These persons may target Singaporean consumers or overseas consumers by giving them the false impression that they are operating in Singapore.

This latter group was usually responsible for the typical training horror stories. Or that they'll be thrown in the back seat, or worse, the trunk," says Miley.

Some are even worried that if they screw up, their training officer will have them book themselves at the station for 'impersonating a police officer. Some of this is perhaps predictable given the paramilitary influences of the profession. Miley says the good news is that you can expect a different attitude today than was more common 30 or 40 years ago. Hazing, while perhaps still practiced, is nowhere as prevalent or as extreme as it once was. To counter such threats, many departments are moving away from the paramilitary structure.

In academy and patrol training, they attempt to counter overt hostility without sacrificing discipline. Mike Carmazzi, a training officer with the Nevada Peace Officer Standards of Training program, notes that law enforcement has not been immune to its share of over-the-top training officers who put an inordinate amount of stress upon their trainees.

To that end, his academy encourages discipline without belittling. It was very military. We were yelled at, first for not moving, then for not moving fast enough. Such conditioning could inhibit us from making quick decisions and acting on them when we need to.

It instills one of two kinds of responses, the first being a 'wait around' one wherein the officer has grown accustomed to having someone else take them by the nose and tell them what to do, or they go to the other extreme and being overbearing hard chargers. Too many cops have learned the same lesson: They don't get in trouble for doing nothing-they get in trouble for doing something.

We're trying to change that mindset. If your state is one of them, you may reasonably expect a training experience that, while disciplined and rigorous, is not demeaning.

Turn Your Focus Inward The best rule of thumb is to give your training officer the benefit of the doubt. Assume that he has your best interests in mind and sincerely wants you to succeed. Moreover, understand that he has a vested interest in your success.

For not only will the two of you depend on one another in a variety of situations, but you will ultimately be a reflection of his success or failure as a training officer.

And whereas your relationship with your academy drill instructor was shared with a number of fellow cadets, there will be no such diffusion of attention when it comes to your training officer.

You'll work together in a much more intimate environment and you will be the singular focus of his attention. As such, you may feel that you are living and working under the microscope. In a sense, you are. Everything you say and do-and fail to do-will be constantly monitored and evaluated. Also, unlike when you are in the academy and expected to be somewhat ignorant when it comes to the nuances of law enforcement, the fact that you have graduated from the academy carries with it the expectation that you have established the requisite work foundation with which to be mentored and built upon.

Training officers will always have their own ways of educating the men and women who work with them, and no matter how arduously an agency works to eliminate hazing, there will always be horror stories of trainees who discover that their training officers hid their gear bags or evidence to teach them a lesson. It may also be useful for suggesting negotiation partners for cross-licensing, or for suggesting which vital technologies should be patented.

However, despite all precautions being taken, it is inevitable that some relevant third party IP rights might not be found, e.

Principles and procedure Step 1: Octisearch your text, identify similar prior art, then refine your text Octisearch the text of Step 1. If you see something in the list of octisearch results that looks very much like your technology, make a note of it, this is a good start. By having found a similar document, you have gained additional vocabulary and expressions to better define your technology and its distinguishing differences with that document, if any.

Write up those differences and add them to your original list of features in the octisearch query. Also, it may be useful, in case of great similarity, to copy and paste from the description of the relevant prior art which you found at least the features which are common with your own technology and redo an octisearch on the thus completed writeup of your technology, product or process, iteratively until you no longer find documents that are exactly identical.

Then you have probably arrived at a perhaps not very elegant, and perhaps partly redundant, but at least sufficiently complete description of your invention for octisearch FtO or patent application preparation purposes.

You can therefore deduct from this process which features are essential to distinguish your invention from the prior art, and which features are essential to properly characterize the essential features of the prior art relevant to your invention, product or process if you are still unsure what those essential features are or how to define them, a good look at the independent claims of the closest patent documents found by octisearch might suggest which features were considered essential by the proprietors of those other documents.

If on the contrary, octimine reveals that all the features of your technology, product or process are known from a single document, then try to identify whether, for how long, in which association and to which extent by which subset of essential features they have been known.

Some very successful companies therefore almost exclusively advocate use of documented older technology and implement it very, very well to minimize risks in export markets where there is little certainty about the contents of patents in force, e. Fundamentally, this part of the FtO analysis is a prior art search. Let us imagine we found 5 relevant documents D1-D5, each disclosing all or most of the features of your product or process, 3 of which D1-D3 are 21 years or older.

If that search identifies in a single document 21 years old or older all the essential features of your product e. D1 in the above table , you have hit the jackpot, you have worldwide freedom to operate at least from the patent point of view , and any patent owner e.


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