Double Top and Double Bottom Pattern

Double Bottoms A double bottom forms when the price makes a low within a downtrend, and then pulls back to the upside.

This is not the case. 

The Double Top suggests a bearish trend, while the Double Bottom is meant to signal a bullish market. This trade would have given a very low risk, high reward trade opportunity.

Double Bottom 

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Most traders make the mistake of using stops for risk control. But risk control in trading should be achieved through proper position size, not stops. For smaller traders, that can sometimes mean ridiculously small trades. Nevertheless, many traders insist on using tight stops on highly leveraged positions.

In fact, it is quite common for a trader to generate 10 consecutive losing trades under such tight stop methods. So, we could say that in FX, instead of controlling risk, ineffective stops might even increase it. Their function, then, is to determine the highest probability for a point of failure. An effective stop poses little doubt to the trader over whether he or she is wrong.

The method for using Bollinger-Bands stops for double tops and double bottoms is quite simple: Isolate the point of the first top or bottom, and overlay Bollinger Bands with four standard-deviation parameters.

Draw a line from the first top or bottom to the Bollinger Band. The point of intersection becomes your stop. At first glance four standard deviations may seem like an extreme choice.

Double Top Pattern Example In Figure 4, we have a classic example of a double top pattern identified with a line chart. Here, we can see a sharp reversal from the previously established resistance level. When price breaks the intermediate support formed, a short position is taken, with the price objective being the measured distance between the intermediate support and the main resistance level.

Figure 5 shows the above same pattern but with candlestick chart. Notice how confusing it is to properly identify this same double top pattern formed by the line chart? Confusing Double Top Pattern in Candlestick charts In the next chart below, we can see how a double bottom pattern is formed, identified with the line chart. After a break of the intermediary resistance level, we take long position, targeting the measured distance between the established support level to the intermediary resistance level and projected from the break out level.

Double Bottom Pattern Example The double top and double bottom patterns are two reliable chart patterns that can form either towards an exhausted trend or within a consolidation price range. An aggressive approach of trading the double tops and double bottoms is to place a buy or sell order at the intermediate support or resistance level or to wait for a pullback, which may or may not happen depending on the strength of the trend.

The double top and double bottom patterns can be traded with trend lines as well, as shown in the chart below. Therefore we would measure an additional pips above the neckline to find our measured objective. One last point about the measured move on this chart. If we zoom out we can see that the measured objective actually lines up with a previous level in the market.

This would give us more confidence that the objective is accurate. Notice how our measured objective from the double bottom low pips lines up perfectly with a previous support level in the market. The double bottom is a reversal pattern that occurs after an extended move down. The pattern signals that the market is unable to break through a key support level, and thus is likely to move higher.

There are three main characteristics to a double bottom pattern: First bottom Second bottom Neckline The neckline represents a resistance level that forms after the first bottom. A daily close above the neckline confirms the double bottom pattern. Once the market closes back above the neckline, wait for a retest as new support. This retest signals an opportunity to enter long. A measured objective can be used to identify a potential target.

It can be found by measuring the distance from the double bottom support level to the neckline, and then extending that same distance beyond the neckline to a future, higher level in the market. Terry Octavio at Nice Article Justin.

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Learn how forex traders use double tops and double bottoms to trade breakouts. BabyPips. The beginner's guide to FX trading. News; Trading. How to Trade Double Tops and Double Bottoms. Partner Center Find a Broker. Double Bottom.

Article Summary: Forex double tops and forex double bottoms are two well-known reversal patterns that many traders like to trade. Because they provide a clear. Trading Double Tops And Double Bottoms. By Boris Schlossberg. Share. No Most traders are inclined to place a stop right at the bottom of a double bottom or top of the double top. The. 

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Double tops and bottoms are reversal patterns. A double top signals the price is no longer rallying, and that lower prices are potentially forthcoming. A double bottom indicates the price is no. The double top / double bottom forex trading strategy is a price action trading pattern that employs a couple of technical indicators. Learn how it works.

Jan 03,  · Home > Articles > Forex Education > Double Top and Double Bottom Pattern Double Top and Double Bottom Pattern Double tops and double bottom chart patterns are perhaps the best and easiest of Reversal chart patterns to get accustomed to trading with price action/5(6). Double Bottom — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost!

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